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All UP uses the latest snow blower technology to solve our customers’ past snow problems.

All UP Seasonal Plans

End of Driveway Only

$475per season*
  • $85/month**
  • Starts when city plow goes by

One Car Wide

$640per season*
  • $112/month**
  • Full Driveway
  • Starts at 2″

Two Cars Wide

$775per season*
  • $135/month**
  • Full Driveway
  • Starts at 2″

Three Cars Wide

$930per season*
  • $165/month**
  • Full Driveway
  • Starts at 2″

*The seasons starts when the first 2″ of snow flies (~November) and ends when the last 2″ falls (~April). We don’t charge you extra for October or April (or May!)

**Monthly payment plans require six payments (Nov–>April)


When can I expect my driveway to be cleared?2024-04-17T08:09:25+00:00

Here are the general guidelines we use to determine when we clear:

  • Have we got 2-6” during the day? Expect a clearing during the night following the city plows
  • Have we got >6” during the day? Expect a clearing during the day and another during the night following the city plows
  • Has your city sent out all plows during the day creating a large, impassable, berms for a majority of the driveways? Expect a berm (i.e. end of driveway) clearing during the day
Do you offer “per time” or “per push” pricing?2023-04-12T19:59:27+00:00

In order to keep overhead costs low, we only allow seasonal billing for our seasonal customers. We do offer a one time clearing service:

  • If you normally snow blow your driveway and just need help on occasion (e.g. coming back from vacation), fill out this form. Note: it could take us up to 48 hours to get to your driveway as we will prioritize our seasonal customers.
  • In the event of a large storm, we offer options for one-time service. Follow our Facebook page to see which days we are out.


Will my driveway be cleared by 7 AM?2023-04-12T19:59:37+00:00

Although we would love to be able to guarantee a 7 AM arrival time, it would be deceptive advertising. We have no control over when the snow will start or end!  Our most common departure time is 2 AM for an overnight clearing, in which case all driveways are cleared by 7 AM. Prior to each storm, we will email out when we plan to clear.

Which areas do you service?2024-04-17T07:54:06+00:00

Due to high demand, we are opening up our service area for the 24-25 season to include Calumet and Laurium. Homes on the blue streets below are in the current service area. Interested in our service but live outside of the area below?  Click HERE to let us know!

Houghton/Hancock (49931/49930)

Calumet/Laurium (49913)

Do you offer walkway/porch shoveling?2024-04-17T08:01:06+00:00

We currently partner with High Point Lawn Care to offer shoveling. If you are interested in this, please contact Isaak at 906-275-9914 to get an estimate.

Can my car stay in the driveway?2023-04-12T20:00:52+00:00

Absolutely. Our operators are trained to work around cars. We suggest you keep your car as close to your home as possible so we can clear as much of the driveway as possible.

What if my driveway is an unconventional shape?2023-04-12T20:01:41+00:00

We understand that sometimes driveways don’t fit the mold.  Call us to discuss an estimate.

How do you keep your pricing affordable?2023-04-12T20:01:49+00:00

All UP’s business model is centered on efficiency. We use the right tool for the job which allows us to be faster than a typical plow. Plows work great for commercial lots, but they are not as fast as the latest snow blowing technology in driveways. This efficiency is what allows us to set our prices where they are.

What if my driveway is more than three cars wide?2023-04-12T19:44:17+00:00

We estimate an additional $155 per car width beyond three. Call us if you have any questions.

What happens if a machine breaks down?2023-09-23T22:34:36+00:00

All UP has four tractors with six snowblowers. We utilize three tractors full time with the fourth as a backup as well as additional support during large storms. So if a snowblower breaks, we will put a backup snowblower on the tractor. If the tractor breaks, we will bring the fourth tractor online. All UP has the capability to fix the vast majority of potential mechanical and electrical issues with multiple spare parts on the shelf just in case.

When is the seasonal payment due?2023-09-28T02:17:24+00:00

The complete season payment is due October 15th in order to confirm you spot. For example, if you are purchasing a two car wide plan, you will need to pay $775 by October 15th.

Do you offer payment plans?2024-04-17T08:11:55+00:00

Yes! We currently offer per month payments due on the 1st of the month from November to April. You have to provide a credit card number which will be auto billed for all six payments.

Do you service gravel driveways?2023-04-12T19:53:10+00:00

Yes, we are able to offer service to customers with gravel driveways, however we cannot guarantee that gravel will not be displaced onto your lawn. To help prevent that, there may be times at the start and end of the season where we opt to not clear your driveway.

Are you insured?2022-04-07T02:00:38+00:00

Yes, we are fully insured with a general liability policy.

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